SimScreen Desktop

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The Desktop SimScreen allows educators to safely observe their students during simulations, formal assessments and competencies. This desktop screen facilitates effective observation, communication, and teaching during simulation while decreasing distractions for the student.

The SimScreen uses Mirropane technology commonly known as a “two-way mirror”. The screen utilizes a highly reflective mirror which is partially reflective and partially transparent. The screen is highly reflective on one side preventing the student from looking back at the instructor. From the instructors point of view they can observe the student without any distortion.


  • Desktop SimScreen Dimensions:
    • Height: 36″
    • Width: 40″
    • Depth: 16″
  • Glass Dimensions:
    • Height: 31″
    • Width: 37″
  • Weight: 40 LBS
  • The Desktop SimScreen also includes a 2″ pass through so documents can be passed to and from the instructor
  • Mirrorpane glass is tempered for safety
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • One (1) year warranty included